National Utilities Provider

Property Type: Large Scottish estate

Secured In: One week

Services: Image verified intruder alarms, site clearance and regular inspections

A National utility company asked us to advise on securing a large country house and stone buildings in a remote location a mile from the nearest road in the Scottish Borders after the recent purchase and within the curtilage of land for a windfarm. There were also a number of wooden structures that required to be removed from the immediate land area and some buildings in state of collapse. 

We secured the entrance points and windows with physical security and fitted a GSM battery operated alarm inside the main house and outbuildings to give early warning of break-ins. Fencing was provided around the buildings in a state of collapse and lockable field gates installed.

The property has been secured for over three years and we have successfully thwarted a number of attempts of theft of fixtures and fittings.