Property Checks

Regular weekly or fortnightly checks of high risk areas can be an obligation of unoccupied
property insurance or land policy conditions and have to cover a landlords duty of care.
Without these Property Checks (VPC’s), land and property might not be fully
insured for vandalism, theft, arson or other losses from such things as fly tipping.

Our Process

Our professional Property Checks include a detailed internal and external check of
the property and site. This includes a checklist for landlords itemising the property
condition, a perimeter security check of windows and doors and any other issues which
have occurred such as graffiti or fly tipping. Not only do we provide a full written report
but we check any change in the property condition from the previous report and provide
supporting photographs.

Where Country Landowners Security have installed our intruder alarm systems, these also
provide an independently verifiable audit trail of the frequency of VPC’s, time & date of
attendance and duration of the visit. In addition, vehicles are tracked and photography is
geo-tagged with time and date of the property check. This can be essential to evidence
compliance with property and land insurance policy conditions in the event of a claim or

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