Heritage, Church & Listed Buildings

Heritage or listed buildings have very unique security requirements which require a specialist security contractor. Targeted by vandals and thieves for their high-value lead roofing and architectural fittings, these buildings can often be remote, isolated and without power or phone lines.

Listed buildings require security to be non-invasive and aesthetically neutral yet meet their high-risk profile. For example, the significant cost and consequential damage of roofs being stripped of lead.

church roofSecure Empty Property work with Church Diocese and ancient or heritage property managers nationwide. By using our advanced, remotely monitored intruder and smoke alarm technology, we can quickly protect roof and access points to any property. Fast response to site is summoned and our HD image verification technology can capture vehicle number plates and intruder images for police investigations.

Church and heritage building can be complex installation, often at high level, and so Secure Empty Property use aerial drones to survey and record roof conditions and access points to ensure coverage. Detector installation can be by bespoke clamps to avoid damage or drilling into stonework.

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Services We Offer

Monitored 24/7 with recorded capture of individual’s entry and exit times.

Secure Empty Property has developed its own unique ‘Ultra’ GPRS/GSM signalling temporary intruder alarm system which meets BSEN 50131 for Intruder Alarm Systems Grade 2 /Class 2.

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Unique access control providing you with an efficient same day visual and physical deterrent to intruders.

Our modular range of security screens with bespoke high security fixings and interchangeable security doors gives us the required flexibility to secure any type of residential or commercial property.

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Live-in Guardians are a cost effective alternative to traditional guarding and can complement Secure Empty Property’s physical and electronic security responses.

Property guardians live normal working lives. They provide free of charge protection and give a lived-in feel to the building – residential or commercial. We can also install an alarm system to the vacant property for additional security when the guardian is out at work.

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